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  The finest wire bending tool ever invented   Product Name : The Wire Wizard Deluxe Jig
Description : Very versatile jig, it has two different diameter pegs for working smaller gauges of wire to make very small bends, and larger diameter pegs for more standard size bends and circles.
Price : $74.95
Price : Ordered with the DVD $94.95

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  Wire Wizard Deluxe Jig

Wire Wizard Deluxe Jig w/DVD

  Examples for using the wire jig
3 sizes of the wire jig tools
Product Name : The Really Big Jig Family
Description : Now available in three stock sizes. Any line drawing can be turned into wire art. Use for jewelry elements, ornaments, pins, earrings, light catchers, mobiles, bookmarks; any shape you can draw!

Baby Big Jig, 6 inch square with 900 holes - $74.95

Baby Big Jig, 6 inch square with DVD - $89.95

Junior Big Jig, 9 inch square, 2200 holes - $99.95

Temporarily out of Stock

Junior Big Jig, 9 inch square - w/DVD - $114.95

Temporarily out of Stock

Senior Big Jig, 12 in square, 4000 holes - $124.95

Senior Big Jig, w/DVD - $139.95

  The coilwizard   Product Name : The Coil Wizard
Description : For making flat spiral coils. Use 14 to 22 gauge wire.
Price : $39.95


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